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AHRP Organisation

Seventy people came to our first meeting in the spring of 2004. We decided to apply for a grant from the Local Heritage Initiative to support two year's work. The money arrived a year later and we are now in the process of buying eqipment and organising ourselves for the summer season of 2005. Because of the torrent of spam that infests the web, we have decided, for the moment at least, not to publish email addresses and telephone numbers here. Please see 'Contact us'.

President: John Hodgson
Chairman:David Stevens
Vice Chairman, Press Officer: Nigel Melville
Treasurer: Torben Houlberg
Web master and Archaeology: Peter Laurie
Co-opted: Gordon Le Pard
Co-opted: Max Warwick
Co-opted: Peter Evans

The project s set up in several groups, listed here with their tentative plans :
  • Landscape and Archaeology (leaders Kevin Donnelly & David Wood)
    • Updating the Ancient Monument records, and recording remnants of the Abbey built into houses and gardens go to project
    • Recording WW2 structures
    • Aerial photographs of West Dorset Archaology by Francesca Radcliffe
    • Co-operation with South Dorset Ridgeway Project -possibly helping to monitor the condition of each of the 300 barrows
    • Summer weekend sample pit dig in Abbotsbury to produce statistical distribution of finds from different eras.
    • Commissioning a geophysical survey of St Catherine's Chapel platform in the hopes of detecting an earlier Celtic temple.
    • Examination of East Elworth, the 'vanished village'.
    • An attempt to produce iron from the local ore using a charcoal fired furnace of the sort the Romans might have had.
    • Pollen surveys from ancient peat layers round the swannery and up Abbotsbury Hill.
    • Assemble all the available aerial photographs and trasfer the 'bumps and lumps' to digital maps
    • A mapping weekend under James Bond of Bristol University to learn the techniques of field mapping of ancient monuments.
    • Field walking in various areas, in the autumn, to take advantage of bare ground after the harvest.
    • Recording field names and field boundaries, linked to early maps
    • Recording former farms and their boundaries
    • Landscape mythology

  • Buildings (leader Peter Evans)
    • History of Abbotsbury Chapels
    • Researching the Estate mills
    • Researching the history of Strangways houses
    • Updating the 1982 village building survey go to project

  • People (leader Chris Wade)
    • Researching school records and collections
    • Recording memories of WW2
    • Recording experiences of ghosts and other psychic happenings

  • Collectors (leader David Stevens)
    • Recording memories
    • Collecting graphic records
    • Collecting artefacts for future exhitions and/or museum

  • Possible new group: Mapping and documentation
    • Managing and printing maps and overlays for other sections
    • Recording results in standard digital format so they can be used by the wider archaeological community
    • Scanning old maps, photographs, documents etc, in particular Francesca Radcliffe's aerial oblique photographs of local archaeology.