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This page leads to the material produced by research into Abbotsbury's history. For the moment we aim to archive all new material here so that it is accessible to all. Later on we will try to condense it into a coherent narrative.

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Queen Victoria's Jubilee Click here for an account of the Jubilee celebations in the village. Transcribed from the by Chris Wade and Peter Evans
Abbotsbury Guided Walks Click here to download 6 leaflets describing different walks around the village. Print them out and take them with you. by Chris Wade and Peter Evans
Abbotsbury Non-Conformist Chapels - introduction (PDF file, 90 kB), Main article (PDF file, 433 kB) by Peter Evans
Abbotsbury history: Ghosts, Industry, Sea Dogs and Napoleonic Wars by Chris Wade
Articles about the Fleet
Abbotsbury's Roman Mill - Roger Ross Turner's excavation at the Abbey House. HTML version, PDF version
The fight at Strangways' house in the Civil War by Peter Harrington. HTML version, PDF version.
Orc's Charter and the puzzle of Cuccleshyll by Peter Laurie - using a discovery of Andy Poore's. HTML version.
St Catherine and the Rouen Connection by Peter Laurie. HTML version, PDF version
A Note on Ancient Sea Travel by Peter Laurie. HTML version, PDF version
The Abbey Breviaries by Nigel Melville and MaryLou Anderson. HTML version, PDF version
Various documents about the Abbey - collected with the help and encouragement of Peter Harrington of Brown University.
  • Moule's paper of 1886 PDF version 1MB
  • Notes on making sense of the Abbey An ongoing record of AHRP work. PDF version 2MB This is a big file so please be patient.
  • Analysis of some mortar samples from the remains of the Abbey, with implications for the long-term stability of the Chesil Bank. PDF version (2MB).
  • Royal Commission on Historical Monuments, Dorset Vol 1, HMSO 1952, Abbotsbury pp 1 - 11: Parish Church, St Catherine's Chapel, Abbey and surrounding buildings PDF version 760kB
  • Various short items from the Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society PDF version, 500KB

Abbotsbury Booklist Books about Abbotsbury, a list compiled by Nigel Melville (HTML)
Various documents from the Ilchester archives Compiled by Andy Poore, put into order by Jeremy Harte (HTML)
Geophysics 2006. We commissioned geophysical explorations at three sites around the village. Introduction
The 'Appreciation' Revisited. Nigel Melville's survey of the buildings in the village, compared with the survey done by the Ilchester Estate in 197? Introduction (HTML)

Pale and Golden Stones Jeremy Harte's thorough history of the parish church Text (HTML)

Parish Boundaries in Dorset: Could some have been drawn by the Romans? Peter Laurie. PDF optmised for web viewing (may not print well)

Questions from Abbotsbury's past- a PowerPoint talk by Peter Laurie PDF optmised for web viewing (may not print well)

Early Roman Campaign Roads in West Dorset- work in progress by Peter Laurie PDF optmised for web viewing (may not print well)

A note on Abbotsbury's Lady WellBy Jeremy Harte, Andy King, Dave Wood and John Hodgson HTML

Abbotsbury Legends By John Hodgson HTML